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Invoice Gateway


We’re making it easier to manage your account at Roofing Supply Group

Invoice Gateway allows you to receive your invoices electronically and provides you with an easy-to-use online archive that you can access anytime. Easily download current and past invoices going back up to 24 months!

Choose your delivery method

All invoices are securely posted on Invoice Gateway. After registering, you can choose your preferred notification or delivery method:

  • Email with PDF Invoice Attached
  • Email Notification to alert you when a new invoice is available on Invoice Gateway
  • Fax

Sign up now!

To receive PDF invoices by email (with Proof of Delivery!) register for Invoice Gateway, making sure the “Stop Sending US Mail” box is checked. If you have any questions call Roofing Supply Group Credit Services at 214-956-5165. It’s that easy!

Important Information

Registration requires an Enrollment Token which is printed at the top of your invoices or monthly statements. Click here to view an example. Email notification without PDF attachment is the default delivery option when registering with Invoice Gateway. If you wish to receive PDF attachments or invoices by fax you must call Credit Services at 214-956-5165 and request the change. The person who uses the enrollment token and registers at Invoice Gateway is the Administrator for user set up and permissions. The Administrator can create multiple users and assign them permissions for viewing invoices and statements. The enrollment token will no longer be needed or valid after the initial registration. For questions or help getting registered, please call Roofing Supply Group Credit Services at 214-956-5165

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